The California Art Club documents how nature has sculpted incomparable vistas – from the exquisitely expansive to those smaller in their splendor – with the exhibition Canyons to Coves, on view at the California Art Club Gallery at The Old Mill from May 22 to September 16, 2018.

 The exhibition will showcase more than 40 paintings that focus on the dramatic landforms created by natural erosion, juxtaposing canyons and their sheer size with small coves that often have narrow, restricted entrances. The display will feature not only national monuments – including the grandest of the canyon landforms, the Grand Canyon, one of the seven natural wonders of the world – but also intimate coastal inlets that provide captivating views along the Pacific Ocean and other bodies of water around the world.

 “As the breathtaking views of both canyons and coves beg exploration, it only seems appropriate for the California Art Club to encourage our artists to explore the diverse range of imagery offered by these landforms for the Canyons to Coves exhibition at our gallery at the historic Old Mill,” says Bethany Lamonde, exhibitions manager for the century-old fine arts organization. “This theme is particularly well suited for our artist members, given the plein air heritage associated with the Club’s founding in 1909,” adds Lamonde.

 The participating artists in the exhibition are juried members of the California Art Club and include Charity Anderson, Cliff Barnes, Nanette Biers, Amery Bohling, John Budicin, Nikita Budkov, Larry Cannon, Gene Costanza, David Damm,  Rick J. Delanty, Karl Dempwolf, Linda DuPas, Esther Engelman, Terri Ford, Andrea Gaye, Ray Harris, Diana Hecht, Laurie Hendricks, Carolyn Hesse-Low, Debra Holladay, David Jenks, Chuck Kovacic, Paul Kratter, Emilie Lee, Calvin Liang, Simon Lok, Lee MacLeod, Patricia McGeeney, Lisa Mozzini-McDill, Michael Obermeyer, Frank Ordaz, R.S. Riddick, Rodolfo Rivademar, Junn Roca, Susan Sarback, Liliana Simanton, W. Jason Situ, Robert Gantt Steele, Milly Tsai, Jove Wang. Marilyn Wear, Ellie Wilson and Karen Winters.

Carolyn Hesse Low,  Delta Blues,  Oil 16x20

Carolyn Hesse Low, Delta Blues, Oil 16x20